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Home Blog Uncategorized 3 Factors To Consider When Purchasing An Instant Shower.

3 Factors To Consider When Purchasing An Instant Shower.

When buying an instant shower here are the factors to consider.

Your water type.

Your water pressure.

Your budget.

Your Water Type

We have two types of water Fresh water and Salty water.

Freshwater-Naturally occurring water that is not salty, and is suitable for consumption if clean or processed.

Water from the municipalities better known as ‘Kanjo’ is fresh water.

Salty Water- Water that naturally contains a significant amount of salt. Example; Sea water, Borehole water.

If your water is fresh, any of the instant heaters will work perfectly. If your water is salty, you need an instant heater with a copper-shieded heating element that doesn’t burn or rust

Your Water Pressure

Is your water pressure high or low?

If your water pressure is high, you choose an instant shower without an inbuilt pump. Popularly known as multitemperature

If your water pressure is low, you choose a shower with an inbuilt pump to boost your water pressure. Popularly known as turbo.

Most bungalow houses and top-floor apartments tend to have low water pressure.

Your Budget

How much are you willing to spend on an instant shower?

Do you want something long-term or short-term?

Are you looking for something affordable or Luxurious?

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