electric fence installation

Step by step Electric Fence installation

If you do not know by now, Tungsten electricals offers electric fence installation countrywide. Electric fence is a preventive security measure that gives you peace of mind by protecting both your love ones and property.

Interested in electric fence installation?tricity connection, perimeter wall and lastly a gate. Below is a list of materials that Tungsten Electricals use for electric fence installation

  • W insulator posts
  • Strainer post
  • Supports
  • Strainers
  • Energizer machine
  • Siren Kit
  • Undergate cable
  • Razor wire
  • Warning signs
  • 4 core cable & D10…

Installation steps

1.Site preparation

Once we have shared our quotation and you have paid the deposit, we do commence the installation process that lasts 2-4 days depending on the dimension of the plot.Site prepation do involve spacing out w strainer posts along the perimeter wall.


2.W strainer post mounting



electric fence installation


3.Corner post preparation

electric fence installation


4.Razor wire installation

electric fence installation

5.Strainer preparation


6 High tensile wire setting

electric fence installation


7 High tensile wire installation

electric fence installation



8.Warning signs mounting


electric fence installation


9.Gate fence installation

electric fence installation


10.Siren Kit Installation


electric fence installation


11.Energizer installation

electric fence installation


An electric fence basically refers to a barrier that is said to use electric shocks to deter animals and even people from crossing the boundary. Over the years, with the growing technology, electric fencing has been highly recommended as compared to the barbed wire fencing also known as the traditional form of fencing.

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Electric fencing has proved to be more advantageous in a numbers of ways as indicated below;

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  • Electric fences cost less than barbed wires since less materials are required and they take less time to install


  • They are more versatile as they can be taken down quickly and re-installed elsewhere as compared to the barbed wires
  • They have a longer life compared to barbed wires due to their reduced physical pressure
  • Electric fences improve existing fences by including one or two electrified wires in your conventional fence or by adding offsets thus extending the fence life




  • Electric fences are simple and flexible. They are a quick and easy way to effectively subdivide a paddock for intensive grazing, improving pasture management and production for those practicing agricultural farming



  • Electric fences also encourage for low maintenance and this is due to its reduced stock pressure


  • In an agricultural context, electric fences are said to cause less damage to stock . Shock from an electric fence causes less or no damage to stock and if they are forced through electric fences by wild animals or bush fires there is reduced likelihood of injury

In a number of ways, electric fencing, despite having the numerous advantages also has some of its disadvantages which include;

  • Need for proper maintenance especially the regular voltage checks. In an instance of too many weeds, broken insulators or other things touching the fence, the voltage becomes too low to be effective




  • Non-appealing. Some property owners tend to prefer traditional fencing to electric fencing due to their aesthetic appearance of wooden fencing as compared to electric fencing
  • Vulnerability to power outages. Electric fencing relies mostly on continuous electricity thus in an event of power outage, the fence won’t be functional until the power is restored. However, since animals or humans already have the psychological notion not to go near an electric due to the shock, in the case of power outage they might not actually notice and thus the fence will still be effective since none of them will come close to it. This thus means that the fence can still act as barrier even without electricity.