Outdoor lighting

Lighting of outdoor areas includes streets, roadways, parking lots and pedestrian areas.This type of lighting was dominated by metal halide (MFH) and high pressure sodium (HPS) sources but things are changing. Recent advances in LED (light emitting diode) technology have resulted in a new option for outdoor area lighting with several potential advantages. Some of the advantages

  • Surface illuminance using less energy and with improved uniformity
  • Significance longer life (50000hrs) with better lumen maintenance
  • No mercury or other disposal hazards.
  • They come on instantly without run up time or restrike delay.
  • High IP rating to low maintenance

Outdoor lights often become perches for birds and the debris that come with them. The luminaire should not collect and retain dirt or water on the top side, the optical chamber should remain clean for the Led luminaire to truly reduce maintenance. This brings us to the Ingress Protection (IP) ratings described on the luminaire for example rating of IP65 indicates dust tight and protected from water jets from any direction.

For the sake of energy saving solar lights outdoor has

  1. Photo cell sensor it will turn off during the daytime and it will turn on under dim light mode at night automatically. With an astonishing lifespan of 50000 hours and 160 weeks no frequent replacement and maintenance.
  2. PIR motion detection sensor, this solar lights can detect up to 20-26ft away and range of 120 degree, turn on high bright lighting mode for 20s, distance up to 40-55ft after the motion detected then turn to dim mode. This makes the light to come on when it’s only necessary thus increasing the conservation of energy.
  • Timers. Timers are adjusted to the consumer specification and preference on when the light should be on and off.

Benefits of a hot shower

Benefits of a hot shower

A hot shower does not only make you feel good but also has numerous health benefits to your body. A hot shower isn’t only for the morning but before sleep, after work out and for treatment. Below are the various health benefits of a hot shower


Improve blood circulation

Hot water can treat muscular and joint pain associated with arthritis, muscle tears and overuse. Illnesses such as headaches and migraine are caused by poor blood circulation. A simple act of shower improves blood circulation and therefore improve cure the headaches

Decrease stress and insomnia

A hot shower instantly calms your body, mind and nerves. It is a natural inexpensive sedative that will make you feeling better and relax. An instant hot shower actually improves oxytocin levels, and this in turn improves your mood and lowers stress levels.

Cleanse the skin

Struggling with that acne? Hot water and steam open the pores of your skin making it easier to cleanse and release impurities. Ladies, your perfect skin is a hot shower away

Improve your immunity

After a long day exposed to bacteria, a hot shower is perfect help you get rid of the disease-causing bacteria. Most types of harmful bacteria cannot withstand the moderate temperatures hence killed instantly. A hot shower is also a good idea if you have a wound, since it helps to kill off the bacteria and promote circulation in the injured area so that the healing process takes place much faster

Help manage high blood pressure

Did you know that a hot shower can help you manage high blood pressure by lowering your pressure? All you need is to let hot shower run over your body for a while and you feel better

Better sleep

A hot shower before bed time will make you sleep like a baby! After a few minutes of the exposure to the hot water, you will have no problem getting sleep once you get into bed because your body will be soothed and relaxed.

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