Best Solar Lights & Applications

Do you know how solar lights work? They rely on photovoltaic effect which takes solar energy produced by the sun. The energy is then stored into a rechargeable cell battery which then powers the solar light.

Theory talks a lot about solar energy, how it was used as early as 7th century B.C . It started when humans used sunlight to light fires with magnifying glass materials. This was actually cool and it opened up more ideas on how to use solar energy.

Later on, its stated that Greeks and Romans had religious ceremonies where they used mirrors to harness solar power which was used to light torches.

This short history clear shows how the human mind has advanced and become more creative. Currently solar panels are being used to trap solar energy .

Let us look at different applications of solar lights;

  1. Compound lighting
  2. Street lighting
  3. Garden Lighting
  4. Balcony lighting
  5. Gate Lighting

Compound Lighting

When lighting up your compound you need to consider a few things. The lighting product should be waterproof, moisture proof and it should also consume less energy.

Its also wise to have lights on during the whole night to enable security but, currently people prefer switching off their compound lights around midnight to avoid high power consumption.

This is where solar compound/ outdoor lights come in. They will help save on power bills since they consume solar energy . They also last longer and are both water and moisture proof.

Street Lighting

The key importance of street lighting is to help pedestrians, drivers and also riders during the night. This helps reduce accidents and other negativities that result to not seeing clearly.

Street lights also help extend activities during the night since they help with security. The advantage of going solar is that incase of power black outs or heavy rains, the street will still remain lit since solar lights do not depend on electricity.

Garden Lighting

Garden lighting is all about beauty. Solar lights have actually made things easier since they do not need any wiring. This is a huge advantage since one can help make the exterior of your compound more appealing. Different solar garden lights are now available with awesome designs to help add a touch of elegance.

Balcony Lighting

There are definitely spaces that need lighting on your balcony. These spaces need to worry no more since modern solar wall lights are now available to help with good lighting.

These lights require easy installation and add to elegance and style.

Gate Lighting

Security is what comes to mind when gate lights are mentioned. These lights are placed around your gate to help visibility of people going in and out . They also help visibility of pedestrians and cyclists to avoid accidents or damages at night.

Using solar gate lights is wise since no expenses are incurred and in addition they are water proof and moisture proof.

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