Common Mistakes To Avoid When Using A Shower

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What are the common mistakes to avoid when using a shower?

Interestingly, there are quite a number of mistakes we do when purchasing and using a shower. We normally tend to overlook them or not take them as mistakes completely. This err will most likely lead to a spoilt shower, electrical shocks or turn out to be a bad investment. So what should you do to avoid this? Let’s take a look at three major processes that involve using a shower.

The Purchasing Process

One of the most important decision that can be made when getting a shower is in this stage. You’ll need to consider factors like

  1. Where to purchase?
  2. Which shower to buy ? – consider your water pressure and type of water (salty/borehole/fresh)
  3. Does it have a warranty?
  4. Which replacement element does it use?

So what do you need to avoid when at this stage? Getting a shower from a shop with no prior information regarding the usage and compatibility with your water. For example, buying a shower that is suitable for fresh water with high pressure, when you have salty, low pressure water. Go to a trusted dealer where you will get appropriate information regarding the shower you want to purchase. Make sure to get all concerns addressed, while considering the factors until you reach a decision.

The Installation Process

Who have you tasked with installing your shower head? Is it an electrician/technician? Cases like shocking are highly reported due to poor earthing or grounding. How is the shower installed? Read more on this on causes of a shower leakage. Avoid getting someone who is not experienced with installing showers, especially the complicated ones, like boiler tanks and tankless water heaters. Also check if the circuit breaker used is appropriate for the shower being installed. The recommended one is 32AMPS and above. Entrust the installation process to a qualified electrician.

The Showering Process

How do you take a shower? Do you let your water run before turning on the shower switch, or do you do the vice versa? Why is this important? You want to avoid dry-heating the element. This is when the element is subjected to high heat which leads to the element splitting up in parts. My favorite analogy is a kettle heater. Do you turn on the kettle before you put in water? This applies to a shower. It may take a while to get used to it, but it’s the safer practice. So make sure the water runs first.

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What is the advantage of these showers? In an era where prices for things unbelievably are sky-rocketing at an unprecedented rate, we can appreciate why most people would purchase these showers. They undoubtedly consume less power, are easy to install and maintenance is relatively cheap.

Here at Tungsten Electricals, we sell these showers from Ksh1500 – Ksh3500, the horizon shower being the cheapest and Lorenzetti Loren Bello the highest. This is why;

Lorenzetti Loren Bello (Ksh3500)

affordable shower - loren bello

Loren Bello is a 3-temperature instant shower with a wide enough spreader for comfort. This shower is suitable for both fresh and mildly salty water.

This shower has one amazing and unique feature. Unlike the others, it comes with its own plastic arm that is used to cover the ugly wires poking out of your shower. This improves the look of your showerhead and your bathroom in general.

The shower is available in white&blue, white&grey, and purely white. Its replacement element goes for Ksh1000.

Lorenzetti Bella Ducha (Ksh3200)

Bella Ducha is a 4-temperature instant shower with a very wide spreader for comfort. This shower is suitable for both fresh and mildly salty water.

Among the other showers, bella ducha 4t has the widest spreader. Its 4th temperature setting grants full satisfaction to those who enjoy very hot showers. It also has a beautiful modern shape.

The shower is available in white&blue, white&grey, and purely white. Its replacement element goes for Ksh1250.

Fame Super Ducha Quattro

Bella Ducha is a 4-temperature instant shower with a very wide spreader for comfort. This shower is suitable for both fresh and mildly salty water.

Among the other showers, bella ducha 4t has the widest spreader. Its 4th temperature setting grants full satisfaction to those who enjoy very hot showers. It also has a beautiful modern shape.

The shower is available in white & blue, white & grey, white & salmon, and purely white. Its replacement element goes for Ksh1450.

Lorenzetti Maxi Ducha (Ksh2600)

Maxi Ducha is a 3-temperature instant shower with a bit smaller spreader. Though it’s size and shape offers a convenient and satisfactory shower. This shower is suitable for both fresh and mildly salty water.

Among the other showers, maxi ducha has only three temperature settings; cold – warm – hot. This will work well for people who live in areas with low water pressure. The shower is only available in white. Its replacement element goes for Ksh1000.

Horizon (Ksh1500)

Horizon is a 3-temperature instant shower with a very wide spreader for comfort. This shower is suitable for both fresh and mildly salty water. It works well with medium to high water pressure.

This is the most affordable shower. It is widely used in Kenya because it is easily accessible and cheap to maintain.

The shower is available in white & blue, white & grey, white & salmon, and purely white. Its replacement element goes for Ksh300.

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3 Reasons That Cause a Shower to Leak

What causes a shower to leak?

It is puzzling to see your shower leaking from any point, especially if you do not know the cause. Depending on where your shower is leaking from, you might have a few questions. Why is my shower leaking? How will it be repaired and how much will that cost? How do I make sure it doesn’t leak again? Here are the reasons why.

Why is my shower leaking?

There are certain factors that will cause your shower to leak. For instance, a blockage, loose taping and a broken shower. A blockage will occur if you are using your shower with salty water. The salt residue or brine fill up the water jets/holes. The water, in a struggle to find an outlet, leaks through the sides of the shower. To some extent, the shower may burst open and be left completely damaged if the problem was not addressed earlier.

Loose taping might be as a result of wear and tear. The “mouth” (the part that connects the shower to the water inlet pipe) might wear with time especially if its plastic as with most instant showers. A thread tape is normally used to minimize the damage.

How much will it cost to repair?

The cost may vary depending on the extent of the damage. The steps to determine the severity of the damage will be determined by the cause and where the leakage is coming from.

If it was the blockage; then all that will be done is cleaning out the salt. This will be done using a brush and water. Get a qualified electrician/technician to do servicing for you. If the issue was taping, then one can redo it. This will cost an average of Ksh1000.

Fixing a leakage will generally take about 2-4hours, unless its a plumbing issue where the leakage is occurring within the pipe. We recommend you report the issue to your service provider to have it looked as soon as possible. Thus reducing the damage and cost of repair.

How do I avoid a leakage?

For starters, ensure that during installation, thread taping is used to reduce the impact of wear and tear. Secondly, service your shower regularly. As soon as you notice the shower is getting blocked, get it maintained. Lastly, get the water proofing done by professionals if the leakage is coming from your wall and pipe.

We at Tungsten Electricals have qualified technicians to help you with installation, maintenance and repair of your shower. Contact us today on 0771766299 to get a shower installed.

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Why you need to install an inbuilt pump shower.

Reasons why you might need to install a shower with an inbuilt pump.

For most people, having an instant shower is as important as any other basic need. And to others, having a satisfactory shower is just as important. This is what an inbuilt pump shower does; it improves or boosts the water pressure in your shower. This is to make sure that the water does not overheat and that an ample amount of water is coming out. The cost of an inbuilt instant shower is a little bit higher than one without, so why would you consider it?

Let us explore some of those reasons;

One, some buildings have low water pressure. As an alternative to installing booster pumps, people opt for showers with inbuilt pumps, especially those living in rental places. The advantage of doing this is that you can relocate your shower without incurring extra costs trying to improve the water pressure in your next home.

Secondly, is the freedom to choose when to use the pump. At times the water in our tanks runs low, leading to a decreased amount of water pressure. This is where the inbuilt pump would step in to make your shower experience just as great as when the tank was full. Take caution not to use the shower a lot when the pressure is low to make the shower more durable.

Lastly, enjoy the full effect of a rainfall shower. If your water pressure is neither high, nor low, but you want to install a heater with the rain shower accessory, then an inbuilt pump shower is ideal. The pump acts as a booster from the heater all the way up to the rain shower. The level of satisfaction coming from the shower is much better than if it didn’t have a pump.

In conclusion, a shower with an inbuilt pump acts as a booster pump, a safer option, and as a luxurious accessory. All in all, if you can get a shower with an inbuilt pump, then get it. The price ranges from Ksh12500 – Ksh30000 at Tungsten Electricals ltd. Have a look at the following showers;

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3 Best Showers that will solve your salty water problems

Quality Salty Water Instant Showers

A salty water shower has a copper shielded heating element that doesn’t rust or burn. The element is made in such a way that the lime scale does not corrode your coil. Unlike these other showers where you have to replace the heating element a few times a year, you don’t need to change the element. Therefore, they are considered a long-term investment for people staying in salty water regions like Kajiado, Nakuru, Mombasa, Kitengela, et cetera.

These instant salty water showers include

  1. Lorenzetti Blinducha Instant Shower – This shower is perfect for people with high water pressure.
  2. Anlabeier Tankless Water Heater – These are instant showers that do not store water in their tank. They come in different models for different purposes. They are:
    • – Anlabeier Multi- point Heater : Can serve upto three bathrooms at a go.
    • – Anlabeier Digital Touch Heater: Comes in two models; one with a pump for people with low water pressure, and one without. The control panel is touch.
    • – Anlabeier Analog Digital Heater: Comes with an inbuilt pump and one without.
    • – Anlabeier Undersink Heater: It is perfect for undersink use in the kitchen, bathroom sink or salons. It can also be used in the bathroom where the pressure is good enough.
  3. Midea Tankless Water Heater : This types has several models including boiler tanks for salty water.
    • – Midea Digital Heater With and Without Inbuilt Pump
    • – Midea Analog Heater With and Without Inbuilt Pump
    • – Boiler Tanks

The only requirement for these showers is you maintain them from time to time. This is to prevent a build up of the lime scale resulting to clogged shower holes.

How to tell if you’re using salty water?

When you experience any of these signs, then it might be time to upgrade your showerhead to one that can handle salty water.

  1. Number 1 sign: Are you using borehole water? If yes, high chances are, your water is salty
  2. Have you noticed that your shower’s jet gets clogged up regularly? The water is shooting out in different directions.
  3. When the heating element keeps getting burnt for reasons other than your electric connection.

Lorenzetti Blinducha

Midea Tankless Water Heater

Anlabeier Tankless Water Heater

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Luxury Instant Showers will make you love showering

Why should you consider purchasing these luxury instant showers? Not only do they beautify your bathroom and make it look classy, they give a five-star shower experience. Plus it’s also nice treating yourself to some relaxing shower therapy.

Luxury Instant Showers will make you love showering

What are the different types of luxury instant showers?

Luxury Instant Showers maintain that name because of their cost, size, color and shape. Not only is the shower , at an average of Ksh21500, but the replacement goes for Ksh3000. So why would you choose any of it?

Most people have a misconception that you will only find them in high end hotels and vacation homes. But you will find that people actually have them installed at homes for they bring color and life to the bathroom. Luxury instant showers  feature modern, innovative finish with square lines, compact and ultra-thin design, that will make your shower a 5-star experience. Imagine getting into your bathroom knowing that you are going to experience a therapeutic, relaxing and fulfilling shower? It would be something to look forward to.

Lorenzetti Acqua Ultra Series provides you with class, elegance and beauty. They come with a temperature control pin for easy accessibility and adjustment that makes the shower that much more interesting. With a wide range of showers to choose from, you get to decide on a shower that suites your water type, space and preference in terms of size and color. The showers come in Black, White, Black Chrome, White Chrome or Rose Gold.

1. Lorenzetti Acqua Star

This is a small sized shower with directional jet for small spaces. The shower is available in plain white, black chrome, plain black and white chrome. When used with high water pressure the water jet just hits all the right spots on your back. The shower head is adjustable to a different position which makes it a must have shower for the ladies who do not want to wet their hair. It retails at Ksh14000.

2. Lorenzetti Acqua Jet

The luxury instant shower might just be the smallest shower, but it is perfect for small bathroom spaces. It looks classy therefore transforming the space where other accessories would not fit. The shower has a nice round-oval shape with a high performance jet that will guarantee that spa-like experience. It retails at Ksh18000.

3. Lorenzetti Acqua Storm

This instant shower is the most bought shower in this category for its size and price. Its attractive look makes one look forward to purchasing the item. The shower is thin with a classy vibe, long enough for a comfortable shower and has a wide spreader for that ultra 5-star shower experience. Not to mention the cost which is reasonable for most people who can afford to have a luxury shower installed. The plain colors retail at Ksh17500 and the ones in chrome sell at Ksh21500.

4. Lorenzetti Acqua Wave

Beautiful, sleek and chic, wouldn’t you agree? This luxury instant shower is giving all there is to give. The ultra thin design makes the shower look modern and fashionable. In addition to its brilliant technology, it is a long lasting shower when used with fresh water and a good amount of water pressure. It is available in Black Chrome and White Chrome. It retails at Ksh22000

5. Lorenzetti Acqua Duo

This luxury instant shower is typically what we refer to as a “romantic shower”. It is a classic valentine themed shower that would serve best as a gift to a loved one. You don’t need to go to hotels to experience this kind of soothing and cooing shower. With its two outlets, you and your partner can enjoy one of the best, most fulfilling showers ever. This is not just an opinion, the the jet is directable and concentrated, leaning in the desired direction, while the shower provides a more spacious jet by means of a large spreader.


Therefore, it is safe to say that these are showers worth investing in. The cost alone should not be the determining factor, but the benefits you will derive from these showers. You deserve it!

Our Installation Photo Gallery

We welcome you to work with us and trust that we will give your bathroom a transformative look. We thank our happy clients for choosing us.

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Benefits of a hot shower

Benefits of a hot shower

A hot shower does not only make you feel good but also has numerous health benefits to your body. A hot shower isn’t only for the morning but before sleep, after work out and for treatment. Below are the various health benefits of a hot shower


Improve blood circulation

Hot water can treat muscular and joint pain associated with arthritis, muscle tears and overuse. Illnesses such as headaches and migraine are caused by poor blood circulation. A simple act of shower improves blood circulation and therefore improve cure the headaches

Decrease stress and insomnia

A hot shower instantly calms your body, mind and nerves. It is a natural inexpensive sedative that will make you feeling better and relax. An instant hot shower actually improves oxytocin levels, and this in turn improves your mood and lowers stress levels.

Cleanse the skin

Struggling with that acne? Hot water and steam open the pores of your skin making it easier to cleanse and release impurities. Ladies, your perfect skin is a hot shower away

Improve your immunity

After a long day exposed to bacteria, a hot shower is perfect help you get rid of the disease-causing bacteria. Most types of harmful bacteria cannot withstand the moderate temperatures hence killed instantly. A hot shower is also a good idea if you have a wound, since it helps to kill off the bacteria and promote circulation in the injured area so that the healing process takes place much faster

Help manage high blood pressure

Did you know that a hot shower can help you manage high blood pressure by lowering your pressure? All you need is to let hot shower run over your body for a while and you feel better

Better sleep

A hot shower before bed time will make you sleep like a baby! After a few minutes of the exposure to the hot water, you will have no problem getting sleep once you get into bed because your body will be soothed and relaxed.

Why miss out on all these? Call us on 0714457231 or 0705926270 for a hot shower installation. We have a wide variety of affordable and unique showers that can be delivered right at your door step





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