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Garden Lighting Ideas

Garden lights make the outside of your home safer as you and your visitors will be able to see pathways, entrances, and gateways more clearly. Two, outdoor lighting improves security as burglars and vandals are less inclined to come near your property when they can be seen clearly. Three, impressive lighting can light up your home and add to its appearance and value. These three reasons are equally valid whether we’re talking about private property, a rented house, a company building, or a shop premises. They brighten walkways and work great for landscape lightings.

Be careful to choose lights that can withstand all weather conditions. From extremely high temperatures to rainfall. well at least for our Kenyan climate that doesn’t include snow.

Lights should blend in with nature and architecture and should add on accent and artistic appeal. Make sure your lights make nature the focus because you can never go wrong trying to in cooperate nature with your outdoor lighting.

Types of garden lights.


Landscape path lights are not just about providing a safe walkway to your home or security for the exterior. Pathway lights can paint your property with a pleasing mixture of glowing, warm spots of light that highlight or define the walkway or garden areas.

most of these come as bollard lights that work well besides the green hedges and bushes. They add a contemporary feel to your garden. ones with geometric profiles allow light to por from all angles to adequately lighten things up. Most are eco friendly and they reduce on power bills since they use solar energy


You can decide how you want your outdoor wall light to illuminate your garden or the entrance to your house. The possibilities are endless, especially where outdoor wall lights are concerned. One of the many options is a light that provides illumination both upwards and downwards.

With a light like this, you can kill two birds with one stone it will not only provide safety (i.e. good lighting) but it will also produce beautiful lighting accents as the beam reaches across the wall.


The modern trend consists of simple shapes, monotone colors and unbusy decor. These outdoor sphere lights are a perfect representation of the contemporary style and have become popular as yard decorations in recent years.

They can be placed practically anywhere; in the grass, near walkways, or in garden beds to give a soft white glow to otherwise shadowy spaces.


inground lights can line walkways for subtle illumination or up light short shrubbery, considering how low they are. They’re easy to install and can take up considerably less room than above-ground lights while giving off the same amount of illumination.

PORTABLE LAMPS.  One of the best ways to add lighting to a garden party is to use portable outdoor lights to place on the ground or hung from a tree a tree. They would work well for camping but that is beside the point.

What I am basically saying is that When choosing garden lights choose those that reflect the landscape architecture and furnishing of your garden to create visual harmony. Lighting is key to invoking visual balance for your yards.

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