Introducing T-Force: A new way to earn extra cash by becoming a Tungsten Sales Consultant

Want to earn extra cash at your own convenience? Tungsten Electricals has just the solution for you.

With the economy in such a poor state. We at Tungsten understand that earning some extra cash at your own convenience is the perfect solution.

That is why we have introduced T Force. A new way to make money simply by selling on behalf of Tungsten Electricals.

What is T Force?

T-Force is a new way to earn commissions by selling Tungsten Electrical products.


How it works

  1. Register as a Tungsten Electricals affiliate by calling the number 0705926270/0743211774
  2. Sell any of the products  in the Tungsten Website.
  3. Earn your commission weekly or monthly depending on your choice.


Call the number and start earning now!!!


Why T-Force?

No Capital Required

  • You earn money even shopping for yourself on tungsten.co.ke
  • Zero capital to start, no licences required, no physical location to worry about.

You are your own Boss

As an independent sales consultant, you have complete freedom and control over your activities. Build your own successful business.
  • You can work from anywhere anytime
  • You can build your own team
  • You get to call the shots

Widen Your Network

  • You get to widen your network and meet new people from all over.


What are you waiting for? Register NOW and start earning.



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