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10 pack Intelligent rechargeable bulbs

Specifications • Stays on even after power outage
  • Pin type • Recharges when on • Easy to fix just like the normal bulb • 4-6hrs back up light   10 Pack Great savings

20w Motion sensor lamp

PIR motion sensor enabled detects movement up to 6 meters away. Moisture proof hence suitable for indoor and outdoor use White light This motion sensor can also be set to different lux values so this lamp will automatically switch on when it gets dark.  This ceiling lamp is easy to mount through the back where you fix it with screws to your ceiling or wall.

AVS 30 Automatic Voltage Switcher

The key benefits are;
  1. Its up to 30Amps
  2. Low voltage protection
  3. High voltage protection
  4. Spikes/surges protection
  5. Power back surges protection
  6. Basic lightning protection
Offers protection for;
  • Air conditioners
  • Large fridge/freezers
  • A whole office
  • Direct wired equipment

Bicycle Wheel pendant light |E27 holder

Simple modern pendant light E27 holder  

Consumer unit | Havells | Scanford | ZY plastic

  • Consumer unit
  • Easy to install
  • Protects from shock
  • Safeguards electrical appliances

Edison LED Bulb

4w long lasting bulbs Dimmable LED bulbs Screw E27 Warm white

Electric Outdoor Bollard| Garden Light

E27 bulb holder Water and dustproof      

Fame Elegance Electronic Shower 4t 220v

Fame Elegance Electronic is a shower that consumes low power with a gradual temperature control that uses a pin. It is suitable for fresh and borehole water. Temperature Control : 4T Power consumption: 127V -220V Energy output : 5400W - 7000W We offer delivery and installation services. Call 0771766299