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Undergate cable

A lead-out cable from the energizer to the fence in a safe insulated manner. Can also be used to carry electricity to the next section of the fence. Used for all other high voltage transmissions using aluminum wires and galvanized earth spikes. uses UV stabilized double insulation and tough polythene sheath for abrasion resistance.

W insulator post

Prefabricated Electric Fence W Posts. W Insulators mounted along the length of the post. Claw insulators use two opposing claws that do not allow the wire to come out horizontally, meaning tension must be taken off the wire for it to be removed.

W insulators |Electric Fence W insulators

PVC resistant material Used for electric fence installation Sold per piece and packet      

Wireless Door Bell

High quality Has a 200m range , Is portable, Affordable Easy to install as it does not require any form of wiring during installation