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10 pack Emergency Intelligent bulbs

Specifications • Stays on even after power outage
  • Pin type • Recharges when on • Easy to fix just like the normal bulb • 4-6hrs back up light   10 Pack Great savings

5pcs LED Gypsum Panel lights

Description • Decorative  recessed gypsum panel lighting and best for this Christmas season • Ideal for living rooms, offices, barber shops and display shops • Long working life • White light as well as multi colour

Anlabeier Tankless Instant sink heater RSB-55H

Instant tankless sink heater Suitable for fresh and salty water Easy installation Suitable for kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, and balcony  

Circuit Protection -Deals

Protect your household appliances Can be used on tv,fridge guard or washing machine Surge protected

Enerbras Enerducha heating element

  • Economical to purchase
  • Easy to install
  • Easily portable

Fame Super Ducha 3T Electric Shower head

  1. Easy to install Fame super Ducha 3t shower from Brazil
  2. 3 temperature ranges(cold, warm and hot).
  3. Components with advanced technology
  4. Heating element with exclusive fitting system
  5. Wide water spreader for a comfortable shower.
  6. Solar heating compatible

LED motion sensor floodlight

  • Water and dust proof
  • Energy saving
  • Automatically switches on when it detects body heat
  • Suitable for outdoor lighting
  • Detects motion easily

Lorenzetti Acqua duo ultra instant hot shower

Modern sleek design Enjoy FREE INSTALlATION & DELIVERY this Christmas Concentrated and directed shower stream High performance jets Control pin for temperature control and water jets option at your fingertips Suitable for fresh water Water saving, instantaneous heating. Energy saving, the shower turns off automatically. Orientative LED - Indicates how the product works. Exclusive Loren Ultra resistance  - Long life compared to ordinary resistances. Electronics - Allows gradual and precise temperature selection. Press Plus technology High performance jets even with low water pressure *. Multidirectional Jet - Water in the desired direction. Selector for choosing the jet - Shower or shower. Control Rod - Temperature control and selection of the type of jet at hand. DRI  - Inclination Adjustment Device. * with only dynamic, the product has high performance jets.

Lorenzetti Max Tap

  • 3 temperature ranges
  • High quality heat resistant  plastic
  • Suitable for kitchen and hairdressers

Lorenzetti Maxi Ducha Ultra 3T instant shower

Specifications • Suitable for fresh water & borehole water • Solar heating compatible • Available in white • 3 temperature ranges to choose from (warm, medium and hot) Technical specifications • 220-240v • 4600-5500w • 10AWG • Max pressure 4bars

Outdoor LED Floodlight

  • Can be used functionally for personal or business property as they can light both small and large areas efficiently.
  • Available in Cool White
  • Provides a very strong light with minimum energy used, giving superb value for money.
  • LED floodlights use a fraction of the wattage a traditional flood light, thus reducing the energy consumed.
    • Complete with a 20,000 hours life span.
    • All floodlights  are manufactured in accordance with CE and RoHS standards