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Anlabeier 8000w multi point tankless instant heater

Easy to Install,  Adjustable
  • Constant temperature mode and manual temperature adjustment mode, two ways to choose.
  • Frequency conversion makes it can be installed everywhere.
  • Enclosed type with external decompression valve.

Anlabeier Instant Sink Heater

No preheating, waiting, save more time, allowing you enjoy the happy of “Bath”. Rust proof Red copper heating system get the water heat in 2 seconds. Endless hot water. If you have a huge family, or sometimes host lots of guests, you won't run out of hot water. Space savings.  Tankless heaters take up very little space. You can mount them right on the wall. No leaks. Leaks with tankless units are unlikely, while all standard tanks eventually leak. Best supplement for the solar energy water heater. Zero standing heat loss as no water is stored. No scale, no corrosion. Multi-function knob switch design, easy to control. 25-55 Celsius hot water temperature suitable for different seasons to use. 3 Temperature settings. Available as a shower, a sink or a combination.

Anlabeier Tankless heater |TPS-372| Touch control

Digital temperature display Touch control Rust proof heating element

Anlabeier Tankless heater with inbuilt pump

  • Fast & Safe: The red copper heating system gets the water heated in 2 seconds.
  • Anti-creeping chip, input and output electricity guards built inside.
  • Particular "anti-scald" technology, no hot water left to prevent scaling.
  • Dry heating protection, over-temperature protection; when the water flow rate is lower than the minimum operating volume, the water heater will stop heating to avoid dry burning and damages to the heater

Anlabeier Tankless heater with inbuilt pump |TPS-371| Touch control

Strong inbuilt pump Digital temperature display Touch control  

Anlabeier Tankless heater without pump

Wall mounted Digital temperature display Dry heating protection Suitable for fresh,borehole and salty water  

Fame Elegance Electronic Shower 4t 220v

Fame Elegance Electronic is a shower that consumes low power with a gradual temperature control that uses a pin. It is suitable for fresh and borehole water. Temperature Control : 4T Power consumption: 127V -220V Energy output : 5400W - 7000W We offer delivery and installation services. Call 0771766299    

FAME Evidence instant shower

  • Large Spreader – More water flow, more enjoyment.
  • 4 temperature settings – More comfort and economy in your bath.
  • Greater security – With exclusive insulation in the temperatures selector.
  • State-of-the-art diaphragm – higher drive accuracy with even greater durability.
  • Super reinforced electrical contacts – guaranteeing more safety.
  • Replacement heating element – You can easily change the element when need arises as it is affordable.

Fame Quattro Super Ducha instant shower

  • Quality FAME  Quattro Super Ducha shower brand from Brazil.
  • Four temperatures (cold, warm, hot and super hot).
  • Wide water spreader for a comfortable shower.
  • Solar heating compatible.


Stainless steel Double lock Extensible Chromed

Heating Element for FAME Super Ducha Quattro 4t |3t

  • Easy to install
  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Requires no tools for installation