Best price on genuine instant showers in town!!Be spoiled for choice with our wide variety of Lorenzetti and Enerbras instant shower.We do same day delivery  countrywide and installation within Nairobi and its environs

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Enerbras Enderducha 3 range instant shower

Enerbras Enerducha 3 range instant shower

  • It has 3 temperature ranges to choose from (OFF, LOW, HIGH)
  • Suitable for borehole, mildly salty and fresh water
  • Available in salmon, blue, white and grey
  • Technical specifications -Voltage 50/60Hz -10AWG -30-32A
Enerbras Enerducha heating element

Enerbras Enerducha heating element

KSh900.00 KSh800.00
  • Economical to purchase
  • Easy to install
  • Easily portable

Enerbras Enershower 4 range element

KSh1,200.00 KSh900.00
The Enershower 4 range element; Saves electricity and water. Easy to install. Economy in price. No tools required for installation. Modern design. Uniform flow of water.

Enerbras Enershower 4T instant shower

KSh3,500.00 KSh2,800.00
  • It has a 15cm wide diameter and uniform water jet that provides maximum shower pleasure
  • Suitable for  borehole and fresh water
  • Has 4 temperature ranges to choose from (OFF/Cold, Low, Medium, Very Hot)
  • Available in white, blue, orange and white
  • Energy efficiency (yield) greater than 95%.
  • Double heating chamber, ensuring greater safety and energy efficiency
  • Technical specifications 6800-8092w 220-240v AC 50/60Hz 8AWG

Enerbras enetronic instant shower

  • Enerbras Enertronic instant shower head best features are;
  • Enertronic temperature control.
  • Energy saving
  • Easy to install
  • Work for both fresh and borehole water

Fame Blindada For extreme salty water

KSh12,000.00 KSh11,000.00
  • Has Armored Resistance
  • Ideal for extreme salty and borehole water regions such as; Kitengela, Syokimau, Athi River and Mombasa
  • Ensures durability
  • Equipped with exclusive electronic temperature control at hand
  • Comfort and Energy Saving
  • Super Water Spreader
fame heating element

FAME heating element

  • Easy to install
  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Requires no tools for installation

Fame Quattro Super Ducha instant shower

KSh3,500.00 KSh3,000.00
  • Quality FAME  Quattro Super Ducha shower brand from Brazil.
  • Four temperatures (cold, warm, hot and super hot).
  • Wide water spreader for a comfortable shower.
  • Solar heating compatible.

Fame Super Ducha 3T Electric Shower head

  1. Easy to install Fame super Ducha 3t shower from Brazil
  2. 3 temperature ranges(cold, warm and hot).
  3. Components with advanced technology
  4. Heating element with exclusive fitting system
  5. Wide water spreader for a comfortable shower.
  6. Solar heating compatible

FAME undersink heater

KSh7,000.00 KSh5,500.00
  • Suitable for kitchen sinks, hairdressers and lavatories
  • Instant water heater
  • Easy to install
  • Suitable for fresh, borehole and salty water
horizon instant shower

Horizon instant shower

  •  Its Easy to use.
  • The shower has 3 Different temperature settings.
  •  Its Economical in price.
  •  It has a modern design.
  • Large spreader for a comfortable and relaxing shower.
  • Uniform flow of water.

Lorenzetti Ducha Hygienica hand shower

KSh10,000.00 KSh9,000.00
  • The shower is suitable for hair washing in beauty salons, barbershop and in the Bath & Tossa PET Salon
  • Manual shower with modern design, with registration and Quick-trigger Trigger- 3 Temperatures - Heating and economy in the right measure;
  • Hot Water Instantly with 3-position trigger: closed, open and locked- Can be installed in any position, providing versatility in its use;
  • Easy to use