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2PC Instant shower offer

Enjoy 2 showers at discounted Festive Season offers Price inclusive of the two units Offer valid while stock lasts  

Anlabeier 8000w multi point tankless instant heater

Easy to Install,  Adjustable
  • Constant temperature mode and manual temperature adjustment mode, two ways to choose.
  • Frequency conversion makes it can be installed everywhere.
  • Enclosed type with external decompression valve.

Anlabeier Instant Sink Heater

No preheating, waiting, save more time, allowing you enjoy the happy of “Bath”. Rust proof Red copper heating system get the water heat in 2 seconds. Endless hot water. If you have a huge family, or sometimes host lots of guests, you won't run out of hot water. Space savings.  Tankless heaters take up very little space. You can mount them right on the wall. No leaks. Leaks with tankless units are unlikely, while all standard tanks eventually leak. Best supplement for the solar energy water heater. Zero standing heat loss as no water is stored. No scale, no corrosion. Multi-function knob switch design, easy to control. 25-55 Celsius hot water temperature suitable for different seasons to use. 3 Temperature settings. Available as a shower, a sink or a combination.

Anlabeier Smart Tankless heater with remote control

Endless hot water. If you have a huge family, or sometimes host lots of guests, you won't run out of hot water. Space savings. Tankless heaters take up very little space. You can mount them right on the wall. Tankless Water Heater No leaks. Leaks with tankless units are unlikely, while all standard tanks eventually leak. It has an automatic memory function to avoid repeated operation. instant water heater portable electric water heater Substantially reduces the risk of scalding injuries to children and the elderly.  w

Anlabeier Tankless heater with inbuilt pump

  • Fast & Safe: The red copper heating system gets the water heated in 2 seconds.
  • Anti-creeping chip, input and output electricity guards built inside.
  • Particular "anti-scald" technology, no hot water left to prevent scaling.
  • Dry heating protection, over-temperature protection; when the water flow rate is lower than the minimum operating volume, the water heater will stop heating to avoid dry burning and damages to the heater

Anlabeier Tankless heater without pump

Wall mounted Digital temperature display Dry heating protection Suitable for fresh,borehole and salty water  

Anlabeier Tankless Instant sink heater RSB-55H

Instant tankless sink heater Suitable for fresh and salty water Easy installation Suitable for kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, and balcony  

FAME Evidence instant shower

  • Large Spreader – More water flow, more enjoyment.
  • 4 temperature settings – More comfort and economy in your bath.
  • Greater security – With exclusive insulation in the temperatures selector.
  • State-of-the-art diaphragm – higher drive accuracy with even greater durability.
  • Super reinforced electrical contacts – guaranteeing more safety.
  • Replacement heating element – You can easily change the element when need arises as it is affordable.

Fame Quattro Super Ducha instant shower

  • Quality FAME  Quattro Super Ducha shower brand from Brazil.
  • Four temperatures (cold, warm, hot and super hot).
  • Wide water spreader for a comfortable shower.
  • Solar heating compatible.

FAME undersink heater

  • Suitable for kitchen sinks, hairdressers and lavatories
  • Instant water heater
  • Easy to install
  • Suitable for fresh, borehole and salty water

Heating Element for FAME Super Ducha Quattro 4t |3t

  • Easy to install
  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Requires no tools for installation

Horizon instant shower

  •  Its Easy to use.
  • The shower has 3 Different temperature settings.
  •  Its Economical in price.
  •  It has a modern design.
  • Large spreader for a comfortable and relaxing shower.
  • Uniform flow of water.

Lorenzetti Ducha Hygienica hand shower

  • The shower is suitable for hair washing in beauty salons, barbershop and in the Bath & Tossa PET Salon
  • Manual shower with modern design, with registration and Quick-trigger Trigger- 3 Temperatures - Heating and economy in the right measure;
  • Hot Water Instantly with 3-position trigger: closed, open and locked- Can be installed in any position, providing versatility in its use;
  • Easy to use

Lorenzetti Ducha Relax Shower Head

Lorenzetti relax instant shower head has;
  • 3 preset temperature settings in order to get the right level of heating and economize on electricity use.
  • Its design is unique and stylish.
  • Its economical as it requires less maintenance.
  • Its jet is multi-directional Multi directional jet that ensures water flows to the desired direction   Multi-directional Jet Water in the desired direction

Lorenzetti Duo instant shower

Unique, smart and luxury option Duo shower water outlet for maximum shower Large spreader so the water gets to the whole body Concentrated steam True pumping technology to increase the water flow and pressure Electronic temperature control, allows the gradual and precise temperature selection Change in temperature is within arms reach Suitable for fresh water only 30cm Prolonging temperature control rod for easy access Bult-in Pressurizer DRI •Device for the tilt regulation

Lorenzetti Acqua duo rose gold instant shower

Luxury , therapeutic instant  shower Two water outlets Classy rose gold finish    

Lorenzetti Acqua duo ultra instant hot shower

Modern sleek design Enjoy FREE INSTALlATION & DELIVERY this Christmas Concentrated and directed shower stream High performance jets Control pin for temperature control and water jets option at your fingertips Suitable for fresh water Water saving, instantaneous heating. Energy saving, the shower turns off automatically. Orientative LED - Indicates how the product works. Exclusive Loren Ultra resistance  - Long life compared to ordinary resistances. Electronics - Allows gradual and precise temperature selection. Press Plus technology High performance jets even with low water pressure *. Multidirectional Jet - Water in the desired direction. Selector for choosing the jet - Shower or shower. Control Rod - Temperature control and selection of the type of jet at hand. DRI  - Inclination Adjustment Device. * with only dynamic, the product has high performance jets.

Lorenzetti acqua jet ultra instant shower

Instant shower Suitable for fresh water Therapeutic Angle water jet flow

Lorenzetti Acqua storm ultra instant shower

Specifications • Modern, innovative finish • Ultra-thin design • Suitable for fresh water only
  • Tilt Adjustment Device. Technical specifications • 220v-6800w • 32A • Minimum operating pressure: 0.1Bar (10kPa) • Maximum operating pressure: 4Bar (400kPa) • 4mm electrical cable diameter

Lorenzetti Acqua Wave Ultra Instant shower

Modern ,innovative,compact and ultra thin design
The Lorenzetti Acqua Ultra instant shower L features the exclusive Loren Ultra Heating Element, the first flat heating element in the market.
It is a development with more than five years of studies that guarantees high performance and long duration.
The Lorenzetti Acqua Wave Ultra instant  shower has a unique and unforgettable bath.

Lorenzetti Advanced Heating Element

  • Easy to install
  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • No tools required for instalation

Lorenzetti advanced instant shower

  • Large shower head spreader
  • Embedded shower arm
  • Easy to install
  • Refill type heating element

Lorenzetti aqua bella water purifier

  • Lorenzetti  aqua Bella water purifier filtration process;
  1. Phase 1;Pre-Filtering
This involves filtering by holding back lime,mud and dust
  1. Phase 2;Activated carbon
The activated carbon that is impregnated  with colloidal silver eliminates chlorine,unpleasant smells and taste Phase 3;Retention This stage is basically retention of solid particles

Lorenzetti aqua star instant shower

Lorenzetti aqua star instant shower has;

Lorenzetti aqua storm element

The Lorenzetti Aqua storm heating element has;  

Lorenzetti Bella Ducha 4T instant hot shower

Specifications • Bigger shower head area • Solar heating compatible • Ultra-Heating element • Available in white Technical specifications • 220-230v • 10AWG • 32A

Lorenzetti Blinducha instant shower

Lorenzetti blinducha instant shower is; • Suitable for areas with extreme salty water eg Mombasa, Ngong, Kitengela etc. • Has a shielded copper heating element that guarantees greater durability and safety • The temperature change bar is within reach for easy temperature adjustment • White thermoplastic finish • Available in white • Digital Temperature dial  

Lorenzetti Duo Quadra shower

Lorenzetti duo shower quadra has;
  • Wide shower head spreader
  • Two  adjustable water outlets for maximum shower experience
  • Easy to install  

Lorenzetti evolution master instant shower

Why Lorenzetti evolution master instant shower should be your number 1 choice; Extra Strong Extension Shower Arm Greater resistance and easy installation. Inside device for adjusting inclination. 107 High performance steam jets Greater satisfaction when using your instant shower Exclusive Console Totally built-in mechanical temperature control bar and water hose. Smart Jet Water in the shower head or in the hand shower. Electronic Temperature Control Allows you to choose the temperature

Lorenzetti fashion head instant shower

The Lorenzetti fashion head instant shower has;
  • Multi temperature control for more comfort and economical to your electrity tockens
  • Large shower head and spreader for a relaxing instant shower experience
  • Complete  plastic shower arm and telephone shower head

Lorenzetti Loren ultra instant shower

Instant hot shower Wide shower spreader Temperature control rod      

Lorenzetti Loren Bello Ultra instant shower

  1. Suitable for fresh water and borehole water.
  2. Comes with a free shower arm
  3. Technical specifications;

 50/60Hz 220-230v 440w 10AWG 25A

Lorenzetti loren easy oversink heater

  • Easy to install
  • Affordable in price
  • Has 4 temperature settings
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Best for fresh borehole water

Lorenzetti Max Tap

  • 3 temperature ranges
  • High quality heat resistant  plastic
  • Suitable for kitchen and hairdressers

Lorenzetti Maxi Acquecedor undersink

Instant under sink heater Suitable for fresh and borehole water Ultra heating element