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MIDEA Electric Tankless Instant Shower (dsk45p3)

Waterproof Ultra quiet DC pump CHRISTMAS OFFER-FREE delivery and installation* Thermal cut out Double relay Overheat protection Copper heating element Fast heating UV processed Precise temperature control ELCB protection W

MIDEA Electric Tankless Water Heater (With Rain Shower)

Product Description Midea Instant Electric Water Heater DSK45P3 (With Pump) DSK45P5 Comes with more advanced features like Grounding Fault Indicator, Japan JST Connector, copper Heating Element and more. Specifications Rated Voltage 220 240V Rated Frequency 50/60HZ Rated Power 3800W Rated Current 0 16A Dia. of Power Code 1.5MM Air Switch > 20A Range Pressure 0MPa Minimum Flow Rate 1.2 Litres/Minute Min. Water Pressure 0.02MPa Max. Water Pressure 0.3MPa Protection Class 1 Water Proof Class IP25 Product Size 406*230*102(mm) Colour Imperial Gold

MIDEA Electric tankless water heater|Instant Shower-DSK45P5 (Without Pump)

  • Thermal cut out
  • Double relay
  • Overheat protection
  • Copper heating element  
  • Fast heating
  • UV processed
  • Precise temperature control
  • ELCB protection

MIDEA instant heater-DSK70065J


Midea Kitchen Pro Series Electric Water Heater Boiler Tank.

KEY FEATURES 1. CE certificate 2. Thermometer 3. Enamel coated tank 4. Enamel coated heating element 5. Longer lifetime magnesium rod 6. Flexible installation 7. Dry heat protection 8. Waterproof 9. Over-pressure protection 10. Overheat protection 11. Earthing protection

Midea Square Series 50L Electric Water Heater|Boiler Tank| D50-20T

The Midea Square Series 50L Electric Water Heater D50-20T is CE Certified, has Eco Mode to ensure maximum power savings. Has a 3 Power Setting. Enamel Coated tank to ensure maximum insulation preventing heat loss through conduction. Enamel Coated Heating element this reduces corrosion to the element thus making suitable for areas with salty water. ELCB Protection to prevent earth leakage.  Waterproof the unit has an Ingress Protection Rating of 44. Dry heating protection the unit has a pressure switch to prevent dry heating. Overpressure protection

Midea Tankless Heater .

Ag+ Antibacterial Overheat Protection Low Noise DC Pump   Built-in Auto Flow Sensor Copper Heating Element Built-in ELCB Splash-proof IP25 Standard 3.8kW Power Output Nylon Glass Fibre Whirl Flow Tech Anti Dry-heating Protection Earthing Protection Precise Thermal Cut-out Double Relay

Rainshower shower riser accessory

Universal: compatible with all types of bathtub taps, mechanical or thermostatic Made of solid stainless steel and a very high-quality chrome finish for a long-lasting shine 300mm round shower head, ultra-thin with a beautiful 8K mirror effect view Hand shower and shower head allow simultaneous flow, more convenient

Shower Arm

  • Easy to install
  • Available in both metallic and plastic
  • Has a standard half inch connection
  • Compatible with majority instant showers
  • The plastic arm is made of durable thermoplastic material