Decorative lights are a must have in this modern world. These transformative lights are the determining factors of what your home, office or restaurant could look like. The lights can be used in bedrooms, living area, kitchen area and others, outdoor. They vary in color, size and warmth setting a mood that is both warm and comfortable.

What’s more, you get a wide range of options to choose from as we have wall lights, center lights and pendant lights. The center lights will guarantee you a 5-star hotel experience with their magnificence and elegance. The pendant wall lights will decorate your space from a plain look to a more classy and sophisticated look. Not only do you get some wall lights that can be used indoors, but you get others for outdoor purposes.

Furthermore, we provide with clean and neat installation services if you are within Nairobi and do deliveries countrywide. We endeavor to bring you decorative lights that will you will bring you satisfaction and joy in your everyday use.

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10 – Light Modern Industrial G9 Branch Chandelier

📌Its elegant and geometric form adds a touch of sophistication to any space 📌Sputnik glam modern Island Pendant lights 📌Adjustable for a personalized look 📌65 cm by 51 cm by 18cm

4 Light Black Traditional Cage Chandelier 

4 Light Black Traditional Cage Chandelier 📌Timeless design 📌Iron metal ; no fear of breakage 📌Bulbs  included

8 Light Opal Sputnik Chandelier Light

📌High-end design 📌Iron and glass 📌Bulbs  included -

Bicycle Wheel pendant light |E27 holder

Simple modern pendant light E27 holder  

Collection Of Ring Lamps

📌80 cm, 60 cm and 40 cm 📌Inbuilt with LED light, total of 90 watts for illuminating spaces properly 📌Strong acrylic LED for durability

Creative Post Modern Retro Luxury Chandelier

📌White glass ball and electrophoresis gold lamp body 📌Non-rusting body 📌It can be used in the living room, dining room, bedrooms, hallways etc. 📌Diameter is 60 cm 📌Diameter of glass ball is 10 cm

Curved 5 Bulb Gold Chandelier|Center Light

Curved 5 Bulb Chandelier is; 📌Timeless design 📌Iron metal ; no fear of breakage 📌Bulbs included

Curved 5bulb Chandelier| Living room lights

Decorative lighting e27 bulbs Easy to install We deliver & install at a fee

Designer Horizontal Strip Double Ring Minimalist Chanderlier

📌Ideal for dining rooms, kitchen islands, kitchens, corridors etc 📌Inbuilt quality LED that’s is non glaring and friendly to sight 📌One can rearrange the design 📌100 cm long 📌Adjustable height

Designer Round strip Double Ring Minimalist Chandelier

📌This LED Chandelier is designed in a rhythmic design, that uses light-trimmed waves to communicate a lively, elegant, and playful tone. 📌Adds a touch of modern elegance to any space. 📌The LED Acrylic is integrated into the frame. 📌The adjustable cord links make this fixture suitable for most ceiling heights. 📌Ideal for living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens corridors etc 📌60 cm diameter ceiling fixture

Double Glass Gold Wall Light

Upscale Double Glass and Gold Globe Indoor Wall Sconce Excellent for luxurious finishing Ideal living rooms, corridors, bedroom bedside lights etc