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2pc Solar floodlights offer

Two pieces of solar floodlights at an unbeatable price Package includes;2pc floodlight,2pc solar panel,2pc remote,2pc mounting brackets Offer valid while stocks last

3PC LED Floodlight


5pack Surface mounted LED panel lights

5 piece offer Can be mounted on any surface Round in  shape Cool white

5pcs LED Gypsum Panel lights

Description • Decorative  recessed gypsum panel lighting and best for this Christmas season • Ideal for living rooms, offices, barber shops and display shops • Long working life • White light as well as multi colour

All in 1 Solar Streetlights

All in one solar streetlight Package includes; solar light with solar panel and free metallic mounting stand 1-year warranty Easy to install      

Complete Consumer units (DP and MCB)

Consumer unit sold  together with Double pole 63A,MCB (6A-32A) MCB and Double pole are Andeli brand Pvc and metallic consumer units Order online or call 0110032195 for assistance    

Gate light plus floodlight offer

Offer includes; 2 pieces gate light,2 pieces screw bulb and 30w LED floodlight All lights are water and dustproof hence suitable for outdoor use Order online or call 0110032195

Horizon instant shower

  •  Its Easy to use.
  • The shower has 3 Different temperature settings.
  •  Its Economical in price.
  •  It has a modern design.
  • Large spreader for a comfortable and relaxing shower.
  • Uniform flow of water.

LED Bulbs

  1. Reduces energy costs — uses at least 75% less energy than incandescent lighting, saving on operating expenses.
  2. Reduces maintenance costs since it lasts 35 to 50 times longer than incandescent lighting and about 2 to 5 times longer than fluorescent lighting
  3. LED bulbs produce very little heat.
  4. LED bulbs are very durable, i.e they don't break easily.

LED Moisture -proof lamps

  • They are LED lights
  • Both water and moisture proof
  • Outdoor application
  • Suitable for gardens, lawns, courtyard

LED motion sensor floodlight

  • Water and dust proof
  • Energy saving
  • Automatically switches on when it detects body heat
  • Suitable for outdoor lighting
  • Detects motion easily

Lorenzetti Acqua duo ultra instant hot shower

Modern sleek design Enjoy FREE INSTALlATION & DELIVERY this Christmas Concentrated and directed shower stream High performance jets Control pin for temperature control and water jets option at your fingertips Suitable for fresh water Water saving, instantaneous heating. Energy saving, the shower turns off automatically. Orientative LED - Indicates how the product works. Exclusive Loren Ultra resistance  - Long life compared to ordinary resistances. Electronics - Allows gradual and precise temperature selection. Press Plus technology High performance jets even with low water pressure *. Multidirectional Jet - Water in the desired direction. Selector for choosing the jet - Shower or shower. Control Rod - Temperature control and selection of the type of jet at hand. DRI  - Inclination Adjustment Device. * with only dynamic, the product has high performance jets.