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Lorenzetti Ducha Relax Shower Head

KSh6,500.00 KSh6,000.00
Lorenzetti relax instant shower head has; 3 preset temperature settings in order to get the right level of heating and economise on electricity use Multi directional jet that ensures water flows to the desired direction     Multi-directional Jet Water in the desired direction

Lorenzetti Duo instant shower

Unique, smart and luxury option Duo shower water outlet for maximum shower Large spreader so the water gets to the whole body Concentrated steam True pumping technology to increase the water flow and pressure Electronic temperature control, allows the gradual and precise temperature selection Change in temperature is within arms reach Suitable for fresh water only 30cm Prolonging temperature control rod for easy access Bult-in Pressurizer DRI •Device for the tilt regulation
lorenzetti aqua bella water purifier

Lorenzetti aqua bella water purifier

KSh7,000.00 KSh6,000.00
Lorenzetti  aqua bella water purifier filtration process; Phase 1;Pre-Filtering This involves filtering by holding back lime,mud and dust Phase 2;Activated carbon The activated carbon that is impregnated  with colloidal silver eliminates chlorine,unpleasant smells and taste Phase 3;Retention This stage is basically retention of solid particles
Lorezettti aqua storm

Lorenzetti aqua storm ultra instant shower

Specifications • Modern, innovative finish • Ultra-thin design • Suitable for fresh water only
  • Tilt Adjustment Device. Technical specifications • 220v-6800w • 32A • Minimum operating pressure: 0.1Bar (10kPa) • Maximum operating pressure: 4Bar (400kPa) • 4mm electrical cable diameter

Lorenzetti Blinducha instant shower

KSh18,000.00 KSh17,000.00
Lorenzetti blinducha instant shower is; • Suitable for areas with extreme salty water eg Mombasa, Ngong, Kitengela etc. • Has a shielded copper heating element that guarantees greater durability and safety • The temperature change bar is within reach for easy temperature adjustment • White thermoplastic finish • Available in white • Digital Temperature dial  
Lorenzetti duo shower qudra
lorenzetti-evolution-master-instant-showershower head

Lorenzetti evolution master instant shower

KSh18,000.00 KSh15,000.00
Why Lorenzetti evolution master instant shower should be your number 1 choice; Extra Strong Extension Shower Arm Greater resistance and easy installation. Inside device for adjusting inclination. 107 High performance steam jets Greater satisfaction when using your instant shower Exclusive Console Totally built-in mechanical temperature control bar and water hose. Smart Jet Water in the shower head or in the hand shower. Electronic Temperature Control Allows you to choose the temperature
Lorenzetti fashion head instant shower.

Lorenzetti fashion head instant shower

KSh7,000.00 KSh6,500.00
The Lorenzetti fashion head instant shower has; Multi temperature control for more comfort and economical to your electrity tockens Large shower head and spreader for a relaxing instant shower experience Complete  plastic shower arm and telephone shower head      
Lorenzetti Undersink Heater

Lorenzetti Undersink Heater

Instant undersink water heater Easy to install 3 temperature to choose from hence perfect all seasons The Lorenzetti Undersink heater can be used at; Kitchen sink Lavatories/Bidets Salon and Barber shop
Lorenzetti undersink installation