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Reasons That Cause The Heating Element To Burn.

What is a heating element?

 A heating element converts electrical energy into heat through the process of resistance, otherwise known as Joule heating. The electric current passing through the element encounters resistance, which produces heat.

Water passes through the heating element and it heats it and in return you get hot water.

Instant heater and their heating element.

Lorenzetti top jet turbo
Luxury Instant Showers
Lorenzetti Bella ducha 4T ultra instant hot shower
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loren bello
Lorenzetti Duo Quadra |Instant Shower| Kenya| Delivery|InstallationLorenzetti Duo Shower Heating Element

What causes the heating element to burn:

  1. Salty water.
  2. Low water pressure.
  3. Wrong shower usage.

Salty water.

Salty water causes the heating element to rust over time,causing it to burn.

Low water pressure.

If your water pressure is low,it causes the element to dry heat causing it to burn.

Wrong shower usage.

Before switching on the shower,ensure your water is running. If you switch your instant heater before your water,the element will dry heat and burn.

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