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10 pack Intelligent rechargeable bulbs

Specifications • Stays on even after power outage
  • Pin type • Recharges when on • Easy to fix just like the normal bulb • 4-6hrs back up light   10 Pack Great savings

5pcs LED Gypsum Panel lights

Description • Decorative  recessed gypsum panel lighting and best for this Christmas season • Ideal for living rooms, offices, barber shops and display shops • Long working life • White light as well as multi colour

Ball Fitting

  • Brand; generic
  • Material; glass and plastic
  • Moisture proof
  • Application; outdoor, corridor, bathroom

Outdoor Bulk head Light|Plastic and Glass|Fast countrywide Delivery

  • It  is easy to install
  • For Outdoor use
  • Available in plastic and glass material
  • Bulb sold separately