Shower Facts

Shower Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

1.The world most expensive shower cost 74,800 euros that is  Ksh. 8,375,864.08. The only thing the shower does to you is dry you afterwards.The shower was manufactured by a company called Silver Tag

2.World longest shower is by Kevin “Catfish” McCarthy who spent 340 hours and 40 mins in the shower.

3.World record for most people in a shower, showering at once goes to Pert Plus who organised 145 people “showerathon” in 2009

4.Showers are economical, great money saver compared to taking a bath. In just five minutes of a shower 70-115 litres are used compared 180 litres of bathtab.

4.A study has shown 42% of people pee in a shower.

5. A recent study has also shown 7% of people openly admit of not taking a shower and even bathing


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