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Home Blog Security What remarkable lights work best for my outdoors?

What remarkable lights work best for my outdoors?

outdoor lights

Everyone looks for outdoor lights that make them feel safe and warm and that bring an aura of modern and classy decoration. Therefore, people look for different things when making decisions for their home or business or school.

Factors to consider when shopping for outdoor lights

Type of Light

Solar Floodlights/Streetlights consume zero electricity, have higher range, they are portable and can be installed anywhere as they are weather-proof. They have an inbuilt photocell to detect darkness and turn on or off automatically.

Electric Lights consume electricity depending on the wattage. They are less expensive than the solar lamps. There are electric lights with motion sensors or those that can be connected to an infrared motion detectors.

Purpose of the Light

Home use – This does not require high wattage light. One can consider a light that stays on the entire night, or one that comes one when motion is detected.

Commercial use – For instance a school playground or stadium would benefit more from a solar floodlight rather than an electric one. The range and brightness is higher, plus being economical.

Community lighting – Is it being used to light a road? How high is it being installed? Streetlights work better here as the focus is downward.


Range – How far is it supposed to light? Where are you positioning the light? Where is it being installed, e.g., the front of a home or garden or gate light? Getting an electric floodlight would be ideal for the front porch or a backyard.

Obstruction – Are there any dark or blind spots? If so, how many lights do you plan to put around the area? In this case, a solar lamp with higher wattage is more suitable.

Ambience of the light

What kind of lighting are you after? Are you looking for some warm ambience? Or is it meant for decoration purposes? There are lights with low wattage lighting of about 5watts that are warm white to create a sensual mood in the home.

And where do you plan having them installed? On the wall, garden, gate, gazebo or patio area? There are electric garden ball fitting lights, series patio lights, solar garden lamps, electric/solar wall lamps. Can the bulb be changed or is it LED?

Price of the outdoor lamp

Lastly, what is your budget? For a low budget outdoor light, the electric ones are much better. A light with a replaceable bulb is a better choice so that you can use it longer.

But for someone who is looking for something long-term, the solar ones are much more feasible.

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