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Anlabeier Smart Tankless heater with remote control

Endless hot water. If you have a huge family, or sometimes host lots of guests, you won't run out of hot water. Space savings. Tankless heaters take up very little space. You can mount them right on the wall. Tankless Water Heater No leaks. Leaks with tankless units are unlikely, while all standard tanks eventually leak. It has an automatic memory function to avoid repeated operation. instant water heater portable electric water heater Substantially reduces the risk of scalding injuries to children and the elderly.  w

Anlabeier Tankless Instant sink heater RSB-55H

Instant tankless sink heater Suitable for fresh and salty water Easy installation Suitable for kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, and balcony  

AVS 30

AVS 30 protects your devices against high and low voltage,power back surges and voltage dips

Enerbras Enerducha 3 range instant shower

  • It has 3 temperature ranges to choose from (OFF, LOW, HIGH)
  • Suitable for borehole, mildly salty and fresh water
  • Available in salmon, blue, white and grey
  • Technical specifications -Voltage 50/60Hz -10AWG -30-32A

Enerbras Enerducha heating element

  • Economical to purchase
  • Easy to install
  • Easily portable

Enerbras enetronic instant shower

  • Enerbras Enertronic instant shower head best features are;
  • Enertronic temperature control.
  • Energy saving
  • Easy to install
  • Work for both fresh and borehole water

Fame Blindada For extreme salty water

  • Has Armored Resistance
  • Ideal for extreme salty and borehole water regions such as; Kitengela, Syokimau, Athi River and Mombasa
  • Ensures durability
  • Equipped with exclusive electronic temperature control at hand
  • Comfort and Energy Saving
  • Super Water Spreader